48 Hours in Glasgow


While I’m sorting through my photos from our trip to Europe, I thought I’d share a quick post about a recent trip to Glasgow that I took with my friends last month. I can’t quite believe that it took me so long to share this but I’m excited to do so none the less. This is going to be more of a photo diary than anything else but I hope you enjoy it!

Despite having lived in Scotland for four years, I’ve not spent that much in time in Glasgow. I’ve popped over for a few hours here and there (which you can read about here if you fancy) but never really had the chance to explore. I was determined to change that before I moved back to England. I grabbed two of my friends, booked an air bnb and headed over after work one Friday evening.

We decided to take it fairly easy, instead trusting our feet to lead us somewhere interesting. We headed into the city centre, stopping at whatever caught our eye or whenever we fancied a bite to eat. We checked out art galleries, the cathedral, the necropolis and a whole heap of bookshops.



GlasgowWe called into one of the oldest tearooms and fell in love. We tucked into burgers and poutine at Bread Meats Bread.




We laughed and we explored and we stayed up way too late discussing the future. It was a great weekend.

On the way back, we decided we weren’t quite ready for the adventure to end. We drove from Glasgow to the Kelpies, to see another sight we had missed during our time in Scotland.

Kelpies KelpiesThey were even more amazing than I could have expected and I am so glad that I got the chance to see them before I moved back to the north.


From there, we decided to drive to Dunfermline for a quick look around before we headed back to St Andrews.

I really enjoyed our weekend adventure to Glasgow; I’m only sorry that it took me nearly four years to properly explore it! While I’m not living in Scotland anymore, what I saw of the city means that I would jump at the chance to visit Glasgow again, if the opportunity arises.

Kelly x

P.S My Europe posts are coming soon – it’s just taking me a little while to get them ready!

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