A Quick Trip to Newcastle

A week or so ago, I got the chance to nip back to Newcastle for a quick visit. I didn’t even make it back to Darlington! I hopped on the train on Saturday morning and got back on it at Sunday lunchtime – told you it was quick! However, the brevity of the trip didn’t make it any less exciting.

This was especially true because we were headed to see something particularly spectacular: the cirque de soleil. I’ve seen some of their other shows before but this one was truly phenomenal. I still haven’t managed to formulate an articulate response to it other than over enthusiastic nodding and plenty of questions. The art that these teams produce is stunning and I have no idea how they do it. The level of training, dedication and strength to pull it off must be ridiculous! I spent most of the night on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, much to the amusement of my family. If any of you get the chance to catch a show, you definitely should.

Newcastle quayside market

Quayside and Baltic

Sage Gateshead

We had time for a little wander on the Sunday so after filling up at the hotel breakfast, we headed towards the quayside. There is a brilliant market there, that we always try to catch if we can. There’s a mixture of foodie and craft stalls down that I can happily wander around for a canny while. I didn’t buy anything this time as I was worried about getting it home, particularly since it was the cupcakes that were tempting me! While we were there, we also found some amazing art and house decor that we were all a little bit in love with. Maybe next time we’ll have to organise ourselves a little bit better, and pick some bits up. There was a beautiful mirror that I could have happily snapped up.

Mainly though, I just really enjoyed walking around Newcastle. I really miss it when I’m gone. It’s a great place to explore and I can’t wait until it is back on my doorstep!

Kelly x

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