A Weekend in Paris (again)


What can I say? I just love France and particularly Paris. So, when April suggested that we pop over to Paris for a long weekend I said yes. With a week’s notice. I will hereby using this as evidence of my spontaneity for the next decade.

But on to the trip itself!

We were in Paris from Friday morning to Sunday night, giving us plenty of time to explore the city. Both April and I have been to Paris before so we didn’t spend too much time doing the ‘touristy’ bits and instead focused on soaking up the things we love most. We stayed in Pigalle, which meant that there was plenty to see in the immediate area.

To stop these posts getting too repetitive about my trips to Paris, I figured I’d share my top five things from this trip so if you are looking from something a little bit different to do, you can take a look at this little list for inspiration.

1. Bouillon Pigalle – This place was amazing. It was a restaurant selling traditional French dishes for a truly reasonable price. I had the Beef Bourguignon and it was insane! Seriously, if you want an affordable, high quality meal with fantastically friendly service, you need to check this out. In fact, we almost went twice in one weekend.

IMG_0973 2. Le Maison Rose – Fun fact, there is apparently a working vineyard in Montmartre, which is really close to Pigalle. When we found this out, we were desperate to go but on our arrival, we found out it was closed to the public. Not to be too disheartened, we continued to explore Montmartre and stumbled upon  the cutest pink house. Inside was a lovely little restaurant where we finally got some wine. Rose, of course!

IMG_0812[1]3. The gardens at Versailles – That’s right. On this trip, we headed out of the city centre on this trip and took the train out to Versailles. It was really simple and I’m glad we did it. We did somehow manage to dramatically over pay for our tickets but it was still worth it. We didn’t end up going to the palace itself because we quite happily spent 3 or so hours in the gardens alone. They are honestly stunning and there was still parts of it that we didn’t get to see. My advice: get there early, bring plenty of water and take loads of photos!



IMG_09474. Terrass Hotel’s 7e Ciel – This was such a good find on this trip. This hotel has a fantastic rooftop bar with the most amazing views of the skyline of Paris. I have to admit that drinking wine and watching the Eiffel Tower be lit up at night was a definite highlight of my trip.


5. Musee de la Vie Romantique - You guys know that I love a free museum and this one is no exception. Entrance to the house itself is free and is full of some beautiful drawings and artwork.  But the real gem is the gardens attached. Though small (especially compared to Versailles), they are beautiful and there is a little glass tea room where you can get a coffee and just enjoy the little oasis that is in the middle of the city. It’s also in Pigalle, which can be quite busy so it was such a treat to find somewhere quiet!




Hopefully these will help you out if you are just looking for something a little bit different to do in Paris. It was so nice to find some cute, little hidden gems on this trip and is definitely one of the benefits to visiting the same city more than once.

Kelly x

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