Adventure pt 2.

December the fifth was kind of a big day for me.Following on from a relaxed day of celebrations for Sam’s 20th,  I had concocted my craziest birthday plan to date and after weeks of planning (and a few shelved ideas), it was time to see if it would actually work. Luckily for me, I have a crazily supportive group of friends who don’t find it that weird when I drop them a message asking if they will pretend to be a cat kidnapper. Yep you read that right.


But before I explain that, can we get some virtual round of applause for friends who run with your crazy schemes? Thank you.

Now the cat kidnapping. .

For those of you that don’t know Sam (or have only met her ‘normal’ facade), she is a bit of a crazy cat lady. Nothing matters more to her than her own little Puss-in-Boots, Misty. So when I was writing a quest in which she would be the hero, I knew the perfect motivation: putting her cat in (make-believe) danger.

Adventure pt 2It all started with a phone call. Sam answered it to find that her beloved cat had been kidnapped by an evil dragon lord who was going to sacrifice Misty to open a portal that would destroy the world. What could Sam do but save her feline friend and the world while she was at it?

Adventure pt 2

Of course the first thing she had to do was ask her Professor for advice on these strange occurrences. According to the Professor, Sam needed to find a mystical weapon that was last seen in the land of Lade Braes. So of course being the supportive friends that we are, we supported her on her adventure and ventured into the unknown territory.

Adventure pt 2Of course it is never as simple as that and there were many challenges to be faced, including a monkey spirit, a possession and a logic competition.

Just as she thought she had won, she realised that this had all been the evil dragon lord’s means of distracting her and she had to race home and face one last challenge…

Adventure pt 2Only to find that the last ‘challenge’ was in fact one of our friends from home who we had snuck into town while Sam was gallivanting around town on her adventure. She was surprised it made all the last minute stress worthwhile!

It didn’t quite go completely plan and I made plenty of last minute adjustments and phone calls as we went around. Sam didn’t really seem to notice and enjoyed herself so the few grey hairs I gained are worth it.

Operation Save the Cat: SUCCESS.

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