August 2014



Eating: Right now? Cheesecake, because what else do you eat on your last night at home?
Drinking: Rhubarb vodka and prosecco, it’s a brilliant combination.
Loving: Facebook challenges and tags at the moment:
Making:  A complete and utter mess while packing. I guess I will never be one of those people who can throw some things in a single bag and go.
Wearing: Whatever isn’t currently in my suitcase?
Reading: Not as much in the latter half of the month but those of you that follow me on Instagram may have noticed that I’ve been keeping the pace this month and finding some gems.
Craving: The bubble.
Watching: As many sitcoms as I can before I lose E4 once more.
Listening To: The new Taylor Swift song. Judge me as you will, but that is one catchy song!
Looking Forward To: Seeing my friends after such a long break!
Learning: That I might appear on Hoarders sometime soon.
Enjoying: My last weekend with my family and practically-family.

How was your month? x

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