Back in t’north

back in t'north

My first weekend back in Darlington was spent unpacking, applying for jobs and trying to get myself re-organised. Amongst all that, I did manage to take a peek at the Darlington Food Festival.

Darlington Food Festival 1

And although it was strange for a high street to contain more than three stores, it was a lot of fun.

Of course, I tucked into free samples as my mum and I drooled over the delicious baked goodies. I was raised in a very foodie family which means that I have a love for really good food. Bad for waistline? Definitely. But who can complain when my tastebuds are having a party!

Darlington food festival 2Darlington Food Festival 3Darlington Food Festival 4

Suddenly feeling very peckish, we popped down to the town square to check out some food and almost decided on pies from this adorable stall…

Darlington Food Fair 5

Before settling on Chorizo sausage wraps and muesli bars.

We were slightly distracted by the street performers…

Darlington Food Festival 6so ducked inside the tent. Our time couldn’t have been any worse with a sushi class already underway and the next demonstration being set up. Instead, we played the (slightly jealous) spectators.DSCN0445

Darlington Food Fair 7

Darlington Food Fair 8

Before I wrap up this post, I do have to tell you on my favourite part of the festival: Granny Tourismo. Yup, my town had racing, dancing grannies on shopping trollies. Is that envy I detect?

Darlington Food Fair 9Darlington Food Fair 10Darlington Food Festival 11


Boy, have I missed this strange old place!

Kelly x


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