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Summer 2014

I feel a bit hypocritical writing about sunshine when it doesn’t really seem to exist here. (Or at least that’s what I thought; typically, there was lush weather for the North East Tea Party just before I sat down to write this. ) That does mean that it is a bit difficult to write about so I figured I would cheat slightly and talk about summer instead because that has definitely arrived over at Northern Roots HQ. Ok, that is technically my bedroom but roll with me on this one…

I’m done with first year. I’ve left Scotland. I have three beautiful months ahead of me. And imma make the most of them. Here’s how:

Summer 2014


(1) Meet some more bloggers - already partly achieved through the North East Tea Party and I’m going to South West Blog Social(very exciting)

(2) Learn to use my camera – having a new camera has been a lot of fun but I still only know how to use a couple of the features on it

(3) Write - I have kind of failed at my ‘write something everyday’ challenge in the last few months at university.

(4) Try Something New - Again, my New Year’s Resolution seems to have been forgotten recently

(5) Make some moolah - Ah, university. As nice as you are, you’re not exactly conducive to saving money and financial security are you?

(6) See the sights - I’ve missed the North East. It’s time to be reacquainted with all its loveliness. Although I might not limit this to the north east since I’m already going to Cambridge,London and Exeter

(7) Read, Read, Read - Duh.

(8) Do something creative - I need to stop pinning and forgetting. It’s time to try at least one creative or artsy thing. Be warned, this won’t be pretty.

(9)  Picnic at the beach - I’m already missing the feeling of sand between my toes and the sea. I think I might have been a mermaid in a past life.

(10) Possibly, maybe try that exercise malarkey - The curse of the freshers fifteen is a terrible thing my friends.


What are your plans for summer? xx


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  1. They sound like fab plans Kelly, good luck, enjoy your summer! I shall mostly be working :( but I’ve got a couple of festivals and day trips to look forward to :) x

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