By the Sea


by the sea

My parents braved the Scottish weather last weekend to come and see my little beach house and tell me all the news I’ve missed out on since moving back over the border. Knowing that they have short attention spans and adventurous spirits, I knew they would be the perfect partners in crime to go explore some of the places I had spotted on my earlier road trip with Sam’s parents.

DSCN2557After hello’s and hugs and a cup of tea or two, we clambered into┬átheir camper van, a bright yellow beauty named Doris. Despite my terribly unhelpful directions, we eventually made our way to Anstruther.

by the seaAnother picturesque seaside town on the Fife Coastal Path, Anstruther has a beautiful harbour and some adorable antique/ charity shops for the keen eyed and frugal minded amongst you.

It was also a great place to play around with my camera over coffee and a late brunch – I’m still working this thing out! My dad is the fountain of all photography knowledge so I inevitably end up quizzing him something terrible.

By the seaAfter almost getting lost because of the tide coming in where we weren’t expecting it to, we headed a little further down the coast to Elie. We took a wander through the town, picked up some supplies at the village bakery and headed back to Doris. We’d left her parked by the beach, so opened up the door and had a cup of tea while we took in the sights.

DSCN2543Not a bad spot for a brew and a natter!

After the conversation turned to whether or not I was eating vegetables, we brought the camera back out and I was model, mainly so I could avoid questions about sleep and vitamins and all those things that don’t quite fit with a university lifestyle.


DSCN2544There you go,

Kelly xx

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  1. It’s a lovely part of the world you,ve chosen to study in… Make the most of it,even when it’s so cold.
    Veggies, don,t worry, I,ll be there soon to make sure you get your five a day;)

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