Charity Ball.

In the interests of fair warning, a lot photos were taken this night. Although I’ll try and keep the number of selfies in this post to a minimum…

I mentioned I was heading back to Darlington for the weekend in my last couple of posts but I don’t think I told you why. A few weeks ago I got a phone call from my mum asking if I would like to go to a ball with her. Of course I said yes. I mean pretty dresses and a visit home? It sounded ideal.

However, it wasn’t just a chance to give my new shoes an outing, with the ball raising money for Children with Cancer which I think we can agree is a more than worthy cause. We also got to hear some stories from families who had dealt with the charity and unfortunately, the disease, which added a very personal touch to the night.
The ticket covered a champagne reception and 3 course meal, as well as a disco which we took full advantage. I’m sorry to say that thanks to Fiona’s words of temptation, I caved and had a glass of champagne and a couple of red wine.
I know, I know I gave it up to lent. My mum suggested a compromise – I amend my resolution to giving up cocktails! Still a challenge, but maybe a little easier. I’m still going to dramatically reduce how much alcohol I drink but it seems I can’t reject a free glass of champers!

The food was nice, if a little small.

We started the night with a Parma Ham Salad…
Followed by roast chicken…

(Yep, that’s my mum’s plate…Mine didn’t stay around long enough to photograph!)

Finally we were treated to some yummy lemon posset, raspberry sorbet and popping candy!

Of course, Rockcliffe Hall looked beautiful as always. If you have never need a glamorous venue, this is the place! In fact, the comment may have been ‘It’s so Gatsby’…20140307_195649
It definitely made for a very glamorous night out. Well, until the dancing started… The heels came off and I thoroughly embarrassed everyone with my lack of dancing ability. It was great.

There was also an auction and raffle running throughout the night but I left empty-handed (which my bank balance is probably thankful for)!

All that’s left to do is say a massive thank you to everyone who helped organise the event and to my momma for inviting me and making the night so much fun.

Kelly x

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