Exploring Walworth Castle


Now that I’m back in the north, it’s time for me to fall in love with it all over again. The best way to do that? Exploring whenever I can.

Recently, my nana and I decided to head out for an adventure one afternoon. The main stop on our list was Walworth Castle, a 12th century castle turned hotel that’s a little outside of Darlington. I’ve visited a few times over the years but there were a couple of new additions that I hadn’t had a chance to check out.


Namely, there is a new Birds of Prey centre that I wanted to check out.DSCN8584


Inside there a selection of birds of prey on display, with loads of information about them dotted about. If, for some reason, there’s something you can’t find the answer to, there are super friendly staff on hand to help with your questions, or just to have a natter to.

There are also flying demonstrations which we unfortunately had to miss but they sounded like a whole heap of fun.

While I’m a little above the usual age range for some of the activities, there were plenty of added extras to keep kids entertained if you fancied a family day out.

After checking out the birds of prey, we thought we might head inside the castle for lunch. Unfortunately, we were a little too early, though the menu certainly looked tasty. Luckily for us, Walworth Castle is just around the corner from Archer’s Ice Cream Parlour so we headed there instead. I’ll take any excuse for a visit there.


It was just as tasty as I remembered!

On our way back into town, we took our time driving back through the country roads and stopping at some of the farm shops along the way. We didn’t really have a plan but somehow that made it even better. As we drove, I realised just how excited I was to have all of this on my doorstep again.

Kelly x

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