I love you St Andrews.

I love you st andrews

After finally clearing my camera, I found some forgotten photos from St Andrews Day that had been waiting patiently for me since the 30th November. For those of you not in the know, St Andrews is the patron saint of Scotland (and Russia, fishermen and sore throats) so it’s of little surprise that it’s a day of celebration here in St Andrews itself.

I love you St AndrewsEven though I had to work, I made sure to take advantage of free entry to the castle and popped along to the street festival on my way home. I realised how much I love this town.

I love you st andrewsBetween getting excited to head home for the holidays and a bubble of stress settling over the student population, I kind of forgot that.

But I love you St Andrews.

I love you because there are three beautiful beaches on my doorstep and even I cannot get lost on your three streets. I love the fact you made a compass out of your street names. I love your cobbled streets, interwoven with histories.  I love the small town feeling of never being lonely in a constant sea of familiar faces. I love the way the town and university have grown into and around each other. I love you when the grass is crisp beneath my feet and you tantalise us with a few stolen hours of sunlight each day.

I still love you even though you restrict my inner shopaholic. I  still love you even though you’re miles away from my family. I still love you  when you wrap my house in icy winds that no number of blankets can smother. I still love you even when you feel a little catastrophic. I still love you even when I miss the north like crazy. I still love you as I crave a warm house, dropped letters and family dinners.

I love you St AndrewsI love you St Andrews, despite it all.

Kelly x



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