International’s Women’s Day

Hello! I wasn’t going to call in this weekend since I am meant to be relaxing at home and chilling with the family (I’ve been a very organised blogger and already scheduled tomorrow’s post, this time written by mum!) but I couldn’t resist saying a little something about International Women’s Day. I don’t know if any of you have seen today’s google doodle but it’s really great, not only because it is so good to see such a big name behind such a great event.


I’ve always been lucky enough to have some pretty amazing female role models around me, from my family to teachers to friends who have become so close they are practically family. So today I wanted to say a little thank you to everyone who supported me, pushed me and taught me some exceptionally important life lessons. I don’t think I could ever verbalise how vital its all been.

Oh and thanks for not thinking I’m totally crazy for refusing to listen to Blurred Lines. I just reaaallly hate that song.

Lots of love,
Kelly x

Just Rach

One thought on “International’s Women’s Day

  1. What a lovely post to read! Today many people share some love and a compliment. I believe we have to do this more often – even the smallest gesture of regard and some little moment of kindness can have a great impact.

    That’s why I’m intending to write a newspaper article about complimenting and its beautiful effects when people actually mean what they say. I try to collect compliments, so if you want to take part – just submit a compliment you recently paid or received by commenting on this post:

    And Happy International Women’s Day to you!

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