New York Day Four

Grand Central Statiom

New york church

Day four was the day I was most looking forward to – it was shopping day! We had managed to restrain ourselves so far but now it was time to stop window shopping and start spending. We started off on 57th, popping into Victoria’s Secret, where a few cheeky purchases may have been made. From there, we made our way to 5th Avenue. It was just as amazing as I had imagined and I could see how you could do some serious damage to your bank account there! Somehow, I managed to restrain myself until we got to Times Square. A little trip into Sephora and the Disney Store saw me leaving with a few bags of my own.

Grand Central Statiom

grand central station

From there, we decided to go and find Grand Central Station. This is a definite must see if you are in the city – it is seriously beautiful. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the ceiling as we made our way through it.

Grand Central Market


grand central market

The best part of it was definitely the food market we found out at the back of the station. With rows of cheeses, fish and fruit on either side of us, we were in heaven. Through the hustle and bustle, we spied the most amazing display of spices, each colour more vibrant than the next. I was desperate to buy it all but knew I wouldn’t be able to get it home, so instead I just gaped and did my best to take it all in.

We also made the time to call into Macy’s but I think the others had had their fill of shopping so we decided to only explore one of its gazillion floors. Beside, we needed to get back to our hotel to change ahead of our exciting evening.

brooklyn dinerYou see, every day we had walked past the brilliantly old fashioned Brooklyn Diner and promised ourselves that we would try it soon. That ‘soon’ had finally arrived. We were guided to a seat in the crowded restaurant, and quickly decided to try the range of burgers on offer, though sitting close to the kitchens gave me serious food envy every time a dish was sent out. Luckily, my brooklyn burger was lovely, and packed full of flavour. It was seriously rich and filling though, so not worth attempting if you’re anything other than HUNGRY.

brooklyn diner burgerbrooklyn diner veggie burger

We also decided to try the Red Velvet Cake. Sam and I attempted to order a portion each but were warned by our waiter that we might want to start of with one before us. We were a little confused until we saw the size of the portion, when we subsequently felt very grateful and had very wide eyes. I mean seriously, just look at it.

brooklyn diner red velver

I’m rather ashamed to admit that, despite our valiant efforts, we didn’t even manage to finish one slice between the two of us.

times square

Nursing some serious food babies, we headed back to the Rockefeller Centre to finally make it to the Top of the Rock. This was the highlight of the trip for me. Not only were the views of the city at night insane, but the staff went the extra mile to make the experience extraordinary. From photographers to staff singing their welcome as you exited the elevators, I spent the whole time with a smile on my face.

I don’t think that little old me can do the sights justice so I’m going to sign off with some photos from the observation decks. Enjoy!

top of the rock


top of the rock

top of the rock view

top of the rock

I’ll see you tomorrow for Day Five!

Kelly x

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