November 2014



Eating: Cheese, cheese and more cheese. My housemate got a cheese hamper as an early christmas present and it is
Drinking: Homemade cinnamon hot chocolate
Loving: Making the house extra cosy with candles and blankets. Who needs the heating on?!

Making:  Christmas decorations and plans for Sam’s birthday bonanza…

Wearing: Mahoosive scarves and teddy-bear coats.
Reading: The last few texts on my course before revision starts.
Craving: A good old fashioned family Christmas in t’north.
Watching: Christmas adverts (and maybe shedding a tear at the Sainsbury’s one…)
Listening To: Blank Space, No Man’s Land and this beautiful cover of Mamma Mia
Looking Forward To: Winter Break. And Sam’s birthday – I’m like a parent getting ready for their kid’s first birthday…
Learning: That nights in are the new nights out.
Enjoying: The last moments of freedom before exams, seeing friends after far too long and buying presents for people.

How was your month? x

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