The C-Word.


I’m a day late in posting this and for that I’m sorry. But I’ve been pretty busy and have only found a moment to catch my breath, put the kettle on and write now. I struggled through my last exam on Tuesday afternoon, celebrated pre-christmas with my housemates on Tuesday night, judged their dance off, and then cleaned and packed on Wednesday morning before heading to back to t’north that day. I hit the ground running with festive preperations and going back to work. Like I said, busy. 

But after spending a few hours shopping and wrapping presents (and eating a mince pie or six), I’m getting excited for Christmas. So it’s time for me to share my day trip to Edinburgh from a couple of weeks ago…

christmas marketIn the beginning of revision week, I woke up at the crack of dawn (ok, it was seven) and yawned my way to the train to meet my mum in Edinburgh to do some Christmas shopping. It’s always been something we’ve tackled together and the prospect of having to trawl around shops without my partner in crime was too horrible to face.

christmas marketAfter a mahoosive hug on the platform, we made our way to the Christmas market and started our day off right with dutch pancakes. They were delicious. So much so that we were planning to grab a second batch on our way out but ran out of time.  Since the vendor was so nice, she also gave us free doughnuts  while they cooked. Not wanting to be rude, I accepted mine with skepticism. You see, I despise doughnuts.

Christmas marketBut guys, these were divine.

christmas market
We couldn’t spend the entire day eating however so we took our time wandering amongst the stalls and oohing and ahhing over the products on offer.

Christmas Market Christmas MarketBefore taking a quick break for some lunch and do assess how many gifts we had crossed off our list. Who knew spending money could be so tiring?!

Realising that we couldn’t just spend our day in the markets, we took advantage of the rest of the city. Compared to St Andrews, Edinburgh has a plethora of shops that I could spend many an hour in.

Even without the retail heaven, I love the city itself. I could happily wander around and snap away to my heart’s content, especially at Christmas time.

Christmas MarketIsn’t it magical?!

Christmas MarketAll too soon however our departure loomed and we had no choice but to return to the real world for a couple more weeks. Now, it all feels a lot more real and exciting. The house is decorated, presents are wrapped and my mum is already planning just how much cheese she needs to buy.

I love Christmas.

Kelly x

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