THINGS TO DO: Archer’s Ice Cream Parlour

Cinder Toffee Ice Cream

During a recent, whirlwind weekend back in Darlington, my family and I decided to do something nice for my Nana’s birthday. After a little deliberation, we settled on a visit to Archer’s Ice Cream Parlour, which is a short drive out of town. My parents are a bit bonkers though, so my mum ran and my dad cycled up there, while Nana and I played it safe in the car. Luckily, we all made it there at roughly the same time and joined the considerable queue to get our ice creams.

Archer's ice cream parlour

Cinder Toffee Cone

Cinder Toffee Ice Cream


Oreo Ice Cream

Since the last time we visited, the parlour’s popularity has only increased and it did mean a little wait. As soon as we made our selections, I knew that it was still worth it. Mine and mum’s favourite flavour may have changed names but the newly christened Cinder Toffee was still as delicious as ever. It’s a serious sweet treat and may be a little sickly for some but we love it! This time I also tried the Oreo flavour and it was super tasty.

While the ladies went all in for the jam-packed sweet flavours, my dad chose something a little more classic and enjoyed the mint-choc-chip. He certainly seemed to like it and seemed a little reluctant to share!

Archer’s Ice Cream Parlour is a lovely place to visit and seems to have expanded its menu in the couple of years since I paid it a visit. There are still chickens roaming around and cows close by. There’s still the same picturesque country walk nearby and a kids play park just next to the seating. Sure, it was a little busy but it was nice to see so many families enjoying Archer’s too. There was even a makeshift game of football going on! In fact, I had almost forgotten how much I loved it there and so I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys.

Have you rediscovered any old loves recently? Have you been to Archer’s? And, just for fun, what’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

Kelly x


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