THINGS TO DO: Bronte Parsonage Museum

Bronte parsonage


Bronte parsonage

Bronte Parsonage House

Bronte Parsonage Kitchen

While I was in the north east, I finally made the trip to the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth. It’s just shy of two hours away from my house so I’ve never made it, even though I have wanted to for years.

I thought it might be useful for my research project so I roped my Mum and Nana into a road trip. While Mum took the dog for a walk, my Nana and I took our time in the museum. Though small, it was really fascinating. It was quite focused on Charlotte, due to her recent anniversary but I still loved wandering around their old house and checking out the exhibitions.

Plus, tickets were really good value. It was around £6/7 for a student ticket, which is valid for a whole year. It’s a little too far for me to be making many repeat visits but I’m glad I have the option.

It also has an amazing giftshop, with some fabulous gifts. In fact, I barely restrained myself and picked up a couple of bits.


After taking our time in the museum, we met up with Mum and headed into Haworth itself.Howarth Apocathropy

Howarth StoreIt’s not the biggest place in the world but we still enjoyed wandering around. We got tea and cake and smiled in the sunshine. We bought giant meringues, fancy chocolates, and lush sausage rolls, which we ate on the way home with the windows down.

It was great.

My favourite bit was popping into the apothecary shop in the pictures above. It sold a delightful mix of old fashioned bath products and homey bits from brands like East of India and Sass & Belle. I could have easily spent a lot of money in there but was worried about getting such delicate trinkets back up to Scotland.

Though I don’t know when I’ll make it back to Haworth, I certainly had a lot of fun there.

Have you been? Did you enjoy it?

Kelly x

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