THINGS TO DO: Coventry Transport Museum

coventry transport museum


Just before I came back to St Andrews, I popped down to Coventry to see my friend April who is studying away there. It was a lovely few days with plenty of chick-flicks and catch up. CoventryUnfortunately, April did have to spend some of her time in university, meaning that we couldn’t spend every moment drinking pot after pot of tea.

It did give me the chance to explore the city and play with my camera, which is so often left on the one setting when I take it out to play. But with a few hours to myself and new subjects in front of me, I put my nerves in the back seat and just enjoyed having my lens as my companion. Consequently, I have a lot of photos from my trip to share with you all so this week you’ll be getting three ‘THINGS TO DO’ instalments, starting with the Transport Museum.

Coventry Transport Museum Coventry Transport MuseumI know what you’re thinking. Kelly, you can’t drive! Kelly, you know nothing about cars! 

It’s true I don’t. Ask me what car someone drives and I might be able to stretch to naming the colour. But for some reason, old cars are a loophole in my non-mechanic brain. I could look at them for hours.

coventry transport museumAnd the Transport Museum certainly has plenty of old cars, with plenty of information on their history for a novice like me. It is an easy place to lose a couple of hours, snapping and reading away.

coventry transport museumThey also had an old campervan which I spent an embarrassing amount of time examining.

Coventry Transport MuseumMy folks have a van of their own but theirs is a lot more comfy and kitted out than the vintage offering. But while I appreciate the level of comfort in my parents’, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the decor of the older model. I’m now wondering where I can find suitcases that are as beautiful as these!

Would you visit the Transport Museum?

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  1. Ahh we went there a few years ago! It was very good, I remember spending hours wandering around looking at everything and it managed to keep both myself and the other half (who’s the real vehicle enthusiast) entertained most of the day :-) xx

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