THINGS TO DO: Exploring Falkland

falkland estate

When Sam came back to St Andrews after her month long vacay, we knew we wanted to do something to celebrate. Her mum was also in town which meant that we had access to a car and Sam was determined that we went to do something completely new. After a little research, we stumbled across Falkland Palace.

Falkland Statue

Falkland Village

What our research didn’t tell us was how stunning the village itself was. After struggling for a parking space, we emerged and took our time wandering to the palace, admiring the sights around us as we went.

Falkland Palace and Garden

Falkland Palace Open shot

Falkland Palace

Unfortunately, photos aren’t allowed inside the palace itself but I can tell you know that it was all kinds of interesting, with plenty of fun history facts. There’s also guides in most of the rooms, who are more than happy to share their knowledge with you. Rather embarrassingly, the first room had plenty of links to St Andrews which we weren’t too clued up on, much to the disappointment of our guide. I’m just glad that she didn’t find out that Sam was a history student or else we would have been in all kinds of trouble. Of course, my favourite rooms were the libraries but I doubt anybody is surprised by that!

Falkland Gardens

Falkland Gate

Falkland Hut

Once in the gardens, we were able to snap away and got swept up in just how beautiful it was. With giant chessboards, tennis courts and more floral displays than I had ever seen, there was plenty to see on a sunny, summer afternoon.


falkland estate

falkland estate

We could have spent hours there but were feeling a little peckish. Instead, we wandered around until we found a little cafe where we tucked into sandwiches and the best wedges I’ve had in a long while. Refreshed, we decided to explore the other side of the village where we found Falkland Estate. Before we knew it, we were in the forest, following signs for the Pillars of Hercules. As a Classics student, you can imagine my excitement as I set off in determination. Whatever these mysterious pillars were, I was going to find them.

So, you can imagine my disappointment when this was waiting for us.

A farm shop.

There is nothing mythological about this Hercules, let me tell you that.

falkland tea room

There was only one way to deal with this and that was with cake. Luckily, Falkland has plenty of tea rooms to choose from! Even with the whole pillars-debacle, it was a pretty great day.

Have you ever been to Falkland?

Kelly x

2 thoughts on “THINGS TO DO: Exploring Falkland

  1. Oh how beautiful!! I never thought of a trip to Falkland but it’s not too far from us and looks wonderful, right up our street.
    I don’t like when they don’t allow photos, though I understand of course, because I want to remember and share places. Seaton Delaval Hall was the same when we visited there. So interesting and beautiful but no photos inside :(


    1. It’s such a shame when you can’t take photos but luckily not that common nowadays! I would definitely recommend it – it made for a lovely day out! x

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