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During our recent trip up to Northumberland, we were looking for quieter things to do away from the crowds. Bonus points if they were also outside. Luckily, we saw a sign for Maelmin Heritage Trail as we were driving up and after a quick google, decided to stop by and check it out for ourselves.

118339530_1228802740817013_8147479138593714186_nIt won’t take you a long time to explore but is well worth checking out and you could always bring a picnic if you wanted to spend a little but longer there. We just enjoyed being out in the fresh hair and not having to wear masks.

Maelmin Heritage Trail is an outdoor, archaeological site which informs visitors about the history of Northumberland and allows you to piece together what life would have been like hundreds of years ago. If you follow the path, you’ll see lots of little information boards that tell you about the past. These were really interesting but simple to follow so would be good for history buffs and families alike!


I won’t spoil it for you by giving it away but it certainly intrigued us!

What I was particularly interested in were the reconstructions that were apparently at the site. There is a reconstruction of a henge (think Stonehenge but this made of wood) and a replica Dark Ages thatched hut. Both of these were so brilliant to see and really brought the heritage trail to life for me. The hut in particular was fascinating.


It really helps you to picture what life would have been liked, back in the day! Can you imagine what it would be like to have an entire family living in one hut like that? Living, eating and sleeping all in one room? It certainly makes me grateful for my house!

While this might not be a big enough site for a day out, it is still worth a trip out and best of all, it’s completely free. Why not go and bring history to life for a little bit?

Kelly x

One thought on “THINGS TO DO: Maelmin Heritage Trail

  1. This trail has been on my to do list for the longest time (since I read The Tribute Bride by Theresa Tomlinson a few years ago which mentions Maelmin) and now I’m extra excited to do it. It sounds perfect for an autumn walk where the days are drawing in so there isn’t as much time..
    I love your pictures too, they’re gorgeous and really capture the atmosphere.
    Cora |

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