THINGS TO DO: St Andrews’ Aquarium


I almost forgot to post about this but when I found the photos again, I couldn’t resist sharing with you all!








After submitting all our essays, Sam and I were looking for something fun to do. I was hoping for a trip to Dundee for some shopping but we’re trying to save for our holiday to New York ¬†(EEEEEEEK!) and there is so many roadworks at the moment that the public transport isn’t too reliable. Since Sam had to work in the evening, my shopping would have to wait. And then I remembered that we still haven’t gone to the aquarium here at St Andrews, even though we have been here for nearly three years.

With a student discount, it wasn’t too expensive a day out, especially since you could come and go all day.

We went for an initial look around and were mesmerised by all of the creatures. We oohed and ahhed and awwed as we walked around, with an occasional eek as we spotted some scorpions and tarantulas hanging around too. You see, St Andrews’ aquarium doesn’t limit itself to the water based creatures. You can also see meerkats and gigantic snakes if you look carefully.

The star of the show however had to be the penguins who were adorable. Especially our friend ‘Dave’ who was super clumsy and fell over the same pebble three times. My heart couldn’t take it and I almost wanted to take him home!

We loved the penguins so much in fact that we decided to pop over to the ¬†cafe in the Golf Museum for a quick bite to eat and then come back to see their feeding at 2 o’clock. Though the cake was nice at the cafe, it was a little overpriced for what it was. The burgers looked amazing however and I think we might need to go back after lent to sample them!

All in all though, it was a lovely day and just what we needed to battle the post-essay-fatigue. I can’t wait to see what our next adventure will be!

Kelly x

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  1. the aquarium looks amazing! It’s nice to see an aquarium that’s not really…. aquatic in a way. I wanna see the meerkat in real life though! And a tarantula… and I wanna hold a snake again… creepy? maybe, but they’re just so soft and not cuddly… but soft.

    -Mia ,

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