THINGS TO DO: St Andrews Cathedral


This is my last week in St Andrews (sob!) so I’ve been making sure I hit all the main spots before I go. Something I’ve visited before and absolutely loved. Others are things I’ve been meaning to get around to but never quite managed. With a deadline to keep, I found myself making them a priority.

One such place on that list was the cathedral here at St Andrews. Despite walking past it approximately a gazillion times, I’d never popped in. This time I did.

There’s a whole heap of history behind the cathedral which was consecrated in the 1300s and got caught up in the Reformation. It’s really fascinating, if that’s your cup of tea. I had a great time wandering around the ruins and reading up on the history of the place from the various signs dotted around the place.



What I didn’t realise originally is that you can see most of the cathedral remains and the attached graveyard for free. If you are a real keen bean, you can buy a ticket to the visitor centre, museum and to head up St Rule’s Tower.

Since I wasn’t that bothered by heading up the very steep steps to the top of the tower, I decided against buying a ticket and stuck with the free stuff. Even without heading into the museum, there was plenty to keep me occupied as I wandered around at my own pace.DSCN8741

Attached is a graveyard which makes for interesting exploring. If you head towards the back and through an arch, you come to more graves and, just behind them, amazing views over the harbour and East Sands. It was well worth a visit.

I spent a moment or two just looking out over the beach I’ve lived at for the past three years and reminiscing. If only it wasn’t such a morbid setting, it would have been a perfect moment.DSCN8743I’m so glad that I took the time to check out the cathedral before I left. It was a lovely (and inexpensive) way to spend some time on a sunny summer’s day.

Kelly x


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