Places I can’t wait to visit again: Darlington


As much as I am glad that I am safe at home, I can’t deny that I’m missing the outside world just a little bit. Rather than moping about it, however, I’ve been making lists of places I want to go to again when lockdown is over. That way, I’ve got something to look forward to and you know how much I love a list.

I thought it might be fun to share some of them with you too, in case you’re looking for ideas of things to do after this or you just want to distract yourself for a few minutes with a cup of tea.

First up, I thought I’d start with places in Darlington. There are so many amazing local businesses in my hometown that I really, really, really hope survive all of this. I’ll be more than happy to give them my pennies when this is all over.

  1. Echo 3. If you follow my Instagram, this will not be a surprise to you at all but I miss this lovely little coffee shop and their flat whites.
  2. Tea with Alice. The brunches at this place are insane and I really miss it! They were still doing deliveries for a while but are taking a well earned break to focus on their family.
  3. The Wandering Duck. This is my go to place for dinner with friends and I’ve been day-dreaming about their Tapas Set Menu. My friend and I have already made plans to go back here as soon as we can.
  4. Head. A wonderful second hand bookshop, I loved having a browse of these shelves and picking up a few bargains.
  5. Sortie. The newest wine bar in town and one of my favourites. I was actually planning another visit before all of this but the world had other ideas. These guys have started doing some deliveries and I’m so tempted by them! Maybe I’ll get myself one for my birthday next week.
  6. Darlington Hippodrome. It’s no surprise to regular readers that I love our local theatre and I am definitely missing them right now! Oh to be at a show in my favourite seat!
  7. Hatch. This is one of my favourite places for lunch with friends. Good food, good coffee and a seriously good atmosphere. I cannot wait to be back in there again!

There are lots of other places that I’m missing but these are top of my list right now. Where will you be heading to when this all ends?

Kelly x

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