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Sometimes, it’s a little too easy to forget all the amazing things we have going on in the north. I’ve lived here for most of my life but its only moving to Scotland and back again that has made me realise just how lucky I am to live here. I didn’t even know about Thorp Perrow until my family suggested a visit.

It’s somewhere my nana has been visiting a lot since moving back to the UK, a little over two years ago. She’s something of a gardener and really interested in art so often takes herself to Thorp Perrow when she is after a little inspiration. After finally visiting it with her, I can see why. DSCN9771


Found near Bedale, Thorp Perrow is a wonderful selection of gardens. It’s packed full of beautiful plants, trees and plenty of other hidden treasures. We found some amazing artwork and structures just wandering around. I can also imagine how fun it must be for families as there were little statues of animals dotted just off of the path. We even saw a sign for a pixie!

We didn’t visit it when we went but there is also a Bird of Prey and Mammal Centre if that’s your cup of tea.

It was a lovely way of spending an afternoon. We happily wandered through the different sections, oohing and ahhing at everything on display. Even though I’m not exactly outdoorsy, I really enjoyed it. There were so many varieties and colours in sight that it was hard not to find something to admire.DSCN9787

DSCN9791After going exploring, we headed to the tearooms for a bite to eat. We were there quite late for lunch but I still managed to get a yorkshire pudding and gravy so I was a happy little northerner. There were also plenty of cakes and sandwiches to choose from , if you didn’t fancy something quite so messy!

Entrance tickets did seem a little expensive to me (especially as my finances aren’t at their best right now) but there seemed to be lots of discounts and deals available, particularly if you wanted to become a repeat visitor. I’m sure if I still qualified for student discount, I wouldn’t be complaining either. With that in mind, there was loads to see inside and it looked like they had quite the packed social calendar with plenty of extra events going on. It’s well worth a visit, if you’re nearby and looking for a nature fix.

Kelly x


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