This Northern Gal goes camping!


Tarn (Tewet)

Anyone who knows me will have clocked that I’m not really a country girl. Give me a town, with a good bookshop and coffee, and I’m in heaven. Traipsing through fields and battling bugs? Not so much.

However, it is totally my parents’ thing so when they invited me camping, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Dad at keswick - Copy



Of course, I had a couple of conditions: I wanted a REAL campsite, REAL toilets and after watching one too many episodes of Supernatural, I was not sleeping in a tent. Cue a weekend on a site near Keswick, sleeping in their campervan.

Eggs and Halloumi - Copy

Philly SteakAnd it was nowhere near as bad as I feared. We wandered into Keswick for a mooch and some lunch on the Saturday, where I devoured a brunch plate with poached eggs and halloumi, while my parents had a philly steak sandwich each. We strolled by the lake and picked up the ingredients for a picnic tea.

Stone Circle

Cows and Tarn - Copy

Tewet Tarn

After an hour or two reading in the hammock, we made our way to the stone circle, which is thousands of years old and then up to Tewet Tarn. My dad wanted to snap some pictures, so I trekked through a bog to an admittedly beautiful tarn.

The next morning, we went for a walk in the hills around Keswick. Sweaty and a little out of breath, I looked around at the views and had to admit that country life wasn’t all bad. I’m not likely to be stopping my city breaks or spend every weekend trekking any time soon, but I did enjoy my camping trip, just a little. Besides, my folks had a great time sharing their hobby and loved taking me camping!

Are you a country lover or more of a townie?

Kelly x

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