Cruelty Free in Focus: MUA

MUA makeup

I’m slowly becoming more confident in terms of using cruelty free beauty products. I still do my research before a big shopping trip but have found a select cohort of brands that I love more and tend to rely on. That’s right, it’s time for another instalment of Cruelty Free in Focus, where I share some of my favourite brands with you guys. One such brand is MUA.

MUA makeup

MUA palettes

MUA base makeup

My favourite thing about MUA is how affordable they are but that they’re still of a good enough quality that I trust that they’ll last the day!  As I said in my post about some of their lipsticks, they’re the first place that I go to if I want to try something new or give a dupe a go before I invest in something else. Plus, I don’t have to worry too much about travelling with them because if I lose my suitcase or drop a bag I don’t have to spend £40 replacing eye shadow…

I have three palettes, and each of them was bought with the intention of trying out something new but somehow they all seem to be shimmery … It’s not that I have a thing for glittery eye shadow but I definitely have a thing for glittery eyeshadow. I’m ok with it. As you can see, they’re pretty well loved and they last really well. Especially for the price. With a swipe of the MUA primer, I know they are staying. In fact, its a debate between those palettes and my Urban Decay ones most mornings.

I’m just glad that this brand is such good quality, cruelty free and works great with my student budget. I have a lot of love for MUA and couldn’t help sharing with you all!

Kelly x

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