Cruelty Free in Focus: Urban Decay


Since reflecting on my decision to go cruelty free, it seemed like a great idea to share another one of my preferred brands. Before I get stuck in, I should let you know that while this brand is cruelty free, the parent company is not. This is something that I’m personally ok with, but I know not everyone who has decided to go cruelty free is.

Without further ado, let’s chat about Urban Decay.


Urban Decay brand

Urban Decay make up

I haven’t tried too much from Urban Decay, which probably means that I will imminently lose my blogger status. That being said the things I have tried have been really great. The tinted moisturiser and eye primer are great, but my absolute favourite have to be the eyeshadows. I have two palettes from Urban Decay, that I really, really love.

I find myself using the Naked 3 and Naked 2 Basics palettes almost daily and am constantly super impressed by the quality. Not only are the colours themselves really lovely, but the pay off is remarkable. They last a lot longer than most of my others too, even when I forget to use eye primer, which happens more often than I would like to admit. Though they cost far more than I ever thought I would spend on an eye shadow palette, they are definitely worth the cost. The problem is that I’m starting to hit pan on some of my favourite colours, which always make me feel a little nervous that they might officially run out soon! I’ve become far too reliant on them to lose them soon.

Urban Decay is at the top of my cruelty free budget but when you’re looking for something of high quality to invest in, it’s my first choice. If I could justify buying ALL of the Naked palettes, I definitely would.

Kelly x

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