Five on Friday: My Current Nail Varnish Favourites

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I can always tell when I’m stressed because my nails are pretty non-existent. Unsurprisingly, they’ve been super short throughout most of my fourth and final year and I can’t see that magically changing anytime soon. What it does mean however, is that I’ve been wearing a lot of lighter nail varnishes in an attempt to make them look slightly less appalling. My reds and darker shades have all been relegated and replaced by this current round up of favourite shades.

As always, these are all cruelty free and totally affordable. There’s also more than the fair share of nail varnishes from Barry M because we all know that is my favourite place to stock up on nail varnishes from!

So, without further ado, here are my current favourite nail varnishes!

Fave Nail varnishesStarting on the left is one that you have probably seen around here many a time. The coconut infusion varnishes are one of my favourite formulas, especially when my nails are damaged. You can see my full review here but Skinny Dip, this beautiful neutral cream colour, is a long time favourite.

Cashmere, from the Autograph collection at Marks and Spencer, is a stunning light grey that I’m actually wearing on my hands right now! This is the only nail varnish that I currently have from Marks and Spencer but I really like it. They do a lot of classic colours so I might have to pick up a couple more next time I’m in the store.

The middle colour is one that I picked up in the sale at Superdrug for a stupidly low price (I think it was less than a £1, if memory serves) and is about as bright as my nail varnishes are currently getting. It’s a pastel green that needs a couple of coats to come up to colour but looks lovely and lasts for a canny while.

The final two options are both Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in the shades Pit Stop and Eat My Dust. Like Cashmere, Pit Stop is a lovely grey shade, though it is a little darker than the offering from Autograph. It dries beautifully and I don’t have to worry quite so much about smudging it, which I’m an absolute nightmare for. Eat My Dust is a gorgeous light blue shade that I’ve been reaching for quite a lot recently.

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