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While I was on my travels, I found myself in a giant Superdrug (or at least giant compared to the one here in St Andrews). I only popped in for a travel toothpaste to take with me but, as always, that wasn’t how things turned out. I ended up picking up a few new things from MUA. Then, the next time I went in I got a new mascara. And then suddenly I was the owner of a new body spray. I might not be entirely sure how it happened but somehow I ended up owning some new in makeup and beauty bits.

I’ve had a little bit of time to try them out now and I can now happily report that I made some good choices. With that in mind, I thought I’d share my mini haul with you just in case, you also end up falling in to Superdrug…

New In makeup

While talking to one of the lovely ladies from Charlotte Tilbury, she told me that I really needed to start using an eye primer. Now, I can’t afford to just buy a Charlotte Tilbury one on a whim but I thought I’d follow her advice and pick up a cheaper version to try it out. I picked up the Pro-Base Eye Primer from MUA for a couple of pounds and I have noticed it making a difference in how long my eye makeup lasts. It’s still looking less than perfect by the end of the day but it’s a lot better!

I also picked up the Cover & Conceal in Fair from MUA. I usually use a Barry M concealer but it’s been really hard to find it in my shade recently so I thought I would pick this up as a spare. It’s been great and really makes a difference to the under eye bags that seem to be a permanent feature on my face at the moment.

From Barry M, I got the Feature Length Mascara as I figured it was probably time that I threw out my old ones. I’m not sure if it would have the wow factor for a night out but I’ve been loving it for the day time. In fact, I’ve used it every day since and not missed my old ones at all.

new eyeshadow palette

I probably didn’t need any new eye shadow palettes but when I saw this beautiful matte palette it just fell straight into my basket. Most of my eye shadows are shimmery but I’ve been getting a little bored of using the same ones everyday. This was a little bit different and served me well while I was travelling. Plus, it was only around £4 (if I remember correctly)!

new makeup pieces

Finally, I spotted these layering lab body sprays in my local Superdrug and was intrigued. You can wear them individually or layer to create a more personalised scent. I picked up the Cocoon Body Spray and it’s such a nice smell! It’s the one I tend to just throw in my handbag to have on the go and I think I might have to pick up another one soon.

Kelly x

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