Liz Earle Saves the Day

liz earle makeup review

Recently, I seem to have more busy days than anything else. I leave the house in the early hours and come as the day becomes evening. A lot of it has also involved meeting new people so I’ve needed make-up that has some serious staying power, that I barely need to think about. Enter my new favourite duo from Liz Earle.liz earle makeup review

I bought the Liz Earle Signature Foundation and Light Reflecting Concealer after falling in love with it at the counter. While checking out the infamous Hot Cloth Cleanser, the lady at the counter offered to touch up my make-up and I couldn’t say no. I then spent the day rushing around for a blog event and was astounded by how well it held up. I vowed to purchase the foundation as soon as I could and then promptly forgot all about it for a few months.

Just before I came back to uni, I spent the day in Newcastle with my parents and found my way back to the Liz Earle counter. The same woman was at the counter and re-showed me the products that I first fell in love with. I only had intentions of bringing home the foundation but when I saw the way the bags under my eyes had also disappeared, I knew that I needed the concealer too. I practically skipped out of the store, content that Liz Earle had ended my foundation hunt. Fresher’s Week was no match for the duo, which kept me looking fresh, no matter how little sleep I got. Best of all? It doesn’t have that horrible heavy feeling that many long-lasting bases do, nor does it suddenly turn patchy as soon as you leave your make up bag.

liz earle makeup review

Natural and heavy-duty? It’s practically the holy grail.

Have you tried Liz Earle’s foundation or concealer?

Kelly x

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