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Liz Earle Makeup

New In MakeupI know that it hasn’t been that long since I shared my current foundation routine, but recently, I found myself at a Liz Earle counter. Before I knew it, I was handing over my card and picking up some new makeup bits! They didn’t have my favourite concealer in stock (the light reflecting one, if you’re curious) but I restocked my supply of the signature foundation, which I’ve spoken about before. This time, I also picked up the pressed powder and the perfect fix concealer.

Before you sit there asking why I got so much, let me tell you that there was an offer. I bought more than I intended to so that I could get some free shampoo. And the lady at the counter was really nice.

Yes, I’m a sucker.

Still, now that I’ve been trying them out for a couple of weeks, I’m glad that I fell for every trick in the book. The powder and concealer go perfectly for days when I don’t feel like a full face of makeup but still want a little coverage. They look brilliantly natural and last all day. Paired with the signature foundation for a more heavy duty look, they can last into the early hours of the next morning. I still love the Barry M offering for the every day but for special occasions where I need to know my makeup isn’t budging, it’s Liz Earle that I am reaching for! For my fellow pale folk, the colour on this is ideal! What’s not to love?

Now, I just need to get my hands on the light reflecting concealer again…

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