Soap and Glory saves the day.

soap and glory hand cream

In the latest instalment of Kelly reveals how un-glamorous her life is, I’m going to share my latest wonder products with you all. These two babies have been saving my skin from getting all dry and gross this winter.

Soap and Glory

I was lucky enough to be given loads of Soap and Glory products at Christmas and I’ve been slowly working my way through them. ¬†These two have been my absolute favourites so far.

soap and glory hand creamLiving in a cold and windy town means that I have been relying on hand cream quite heavily this winter. I made do with old half-used bottles (and ‘borrowing’ my mum’s) until I unwrapped this on Christmas day but it has been a life saver until then. Not only does it really work, it also smells amazing. It hasn’t left my handbag since ¬†got it.

Soap and Glory Moisture Lotion

This one has a pretty lush scent too. I’ve been slathering it on after my shower every morning and my legs don’t look as bad as they usually do after a long winter. They’re still deathly pale of course but they’re silky smooth, if nothing else.

What are your winter skin saviours?

Kelly x

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