Why I’m Making the Move to Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free Makeup

From time to time, my skin gets overwhelmingly sensitive. Something  – I never really know what – makes it red and uncomfortable and  I have little choice but to strip back my makeup and skincare, hoping that it will calm down soon.

It was during one of these little episodes that I realized that all the discomfort that I was feeling was 100x worse for the poor creatures who had to test it first. Not only did they have to deal with this every single day, but they would have to test the stuff that wasn’t ready for use. If approved products hurt, what must the rest be like?

For the rest of the day I couldn’t shake this thought. Now that I was aware of the price, I couldn’t ignore it. When I got home, I found myself on this website and starting reading up on the Cruelty Free movement. I sent off for their Little Book of Cruelty Free. I started looking through the mountains of makeup that I owned, most of which I didn’t really use and chucked everything that was from a brand that did test on animals.

cruelty free makeup

This wasn’t an overnight decision. I spent some time umming and erring, mainly because I was a little scared of making such a plunge. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was something that I had to do. Any makeup, skincare, hair product or nail varnish that I purchase will be cruelty free from now on in.

I still have a lot to learn, especially in regards to deciphering the somewhat cagey statements of some brands but the more research that I do, the more passionate I become. Morag’s blog (and more specifically, her list of cruelty free brands) has been so helpful as I try and work out who I will be giving my money to. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of the brands that I already love and use are on that list, including MUA and Barry M. It’s made the whole transition a lot easier. Shopping is a lot less restricted than I thought that it might be and make-up shopping is guilt free and fun again.

Cruelty Free Makeup

The easiest way to tell if your make up is cruelty free? Look for this little bunny!

Do you have any cruelty free wonder products that I should check out? Right now, I’m on the hunt for a new concealer.

Kelly x

6 thoughts on “Why I’m Making the Move to Cruelty Free

  1. Really interesting thought – I feel really strongly against animal testing for cosmetic reasons but feel silly now that I’ve not thought to actually go through my own makeup collection and see who are the nasty culprits that I’ve already purchased from!! :( Will be much more aware now!

    Laura | laurakathren.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know some people prefer to phase them out (and I have with a couple of brands that I’m not sure about) but it just felt right! x

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