A Book Lover’s Dream.


Something wonderful has happened here in St Andrews.

We have a swanky new bookshop and literary-lovers town wide are going weak at the knees.

DSCN2629As soon as you step through the door, you are greeted with row upon row of beautiful books, many of which have been signed by the author.

DSCN2628There are¬†entire collections¬†of authors’ works.

Sci-fi, mystery, crime, classics… they are all there. I could have spent hours trailing my fingertips across the shelves, discovering new gems. There were some old favourites amongst the mix too with stunning covers that made me want to run to the till even though I knew they were waiting for me at home.

DSCN2637Just when you think it can’t get any better, you head a little deeper into the shop. Out of nowhere rises even more bookcases – more than you could ever have imagined from the outside.

Astounding photography books, oodles of colourful tomes for the young’uns and big comfy armchairs that you can just sink into, arms laden with pages to peruse.

DSCN2634I think I’m in love.

And my family and friends really shouldn’t be surprised if they find an abundance of books under the tree this year…

Kelly x


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