FIVE ON FRIDAY: Poems Perfect for Halloween


Last year, I recommended some of my favourite spooky reads for you. It contained a mixture of short stories, novellas and longer works – you can find it here, if you are interested.  This year, I thought I would focus on creepy poems. I’ve also added links to the ones I can, so you can check them out today if you want. Are you ready?


First up is Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti. I actually studied this way back when I was doing my A-Levels and even know I can remember just how unsettling it is. It’s not full on frightening, but definitely unnerving and it has haunted me for a long time.

Lenore by William Taylor is one of the best ‘ghost’ stories I have ever read. It is mesmerising in its creepiness and definitely comes with a bonus cautionary tale for any young lovers who happen to be reading it.

In a similar vein is Christabel by Coleridge. This is often thought of as an early vampire tale and it is easy to see why. The poem is deeply unsettling and full of supernatural mysteries to intrigue and haunt a reader. I also read this one for study, this time at university and its packed full of rich imagery to explore.

I actually included La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats last year but I couldn’t miss it this year. It’s one of my favourite poems ever and every time I read it, I feel a chill spread right through me. There is so much hinted at that every time I read it, I feel like I could find something new.

The last is a little different, both in terms of when it was written and what it deals with but I love Siren Song by Margaret Atwood. It’s less creepy than some of other poems on this list so you can easily read it before bed and not worry. That’s not to say that it is any less powerful however. It’s full of supernatural elements and all about giving in to an irresistible power. It’s well worth a read, if you’re looking for something magical but still somewhat haunting this Halloween.

Kelly x

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