REVIEW: All Those Bodies and They’re Moving



You might have guessed that I’m having a real poetry moment (if you haven’t, you only need to go back and check my latest book haul!) and I am loving it. As part of this, I picked up All Those Bodies and They’re Moving by Juliano Zaffino. Now, I once worked with the author way back when I was chasing a career as a writer and editor so we’re good old Facebook friends. When it came up on my feed that he’d released this book, I knew I had to pick it up. I’m a firm believer in supporting my friend’s hustles where I can.

Now, I always knew that Jay was a talented writer but this collection is next level. His poetry is a potent and pithy examination of the modern world and all it’s associated problems. It covers everything from Instagram to zenophobia with wonderful wit. There is considerable skill in these poems, weaving together the old and the new so that every poem has a lasting impact on its readers.

Some of these poems are still whirring through my mind now, days after I finished reading the collection.

In particular, I am in love with a poem called When Odysseus Comes Home. You guys know that I love me some classics, particularly of the Greco-Roman vein so seeing source material that I love used in such a fresh and impactful way. This poem has really stuck me and I am utterly in love with it! There are quite a few gems in this collection but this poem is a masterpiece.

I can’t wait to see what Juliano Zaffino does next.

Kelly x

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