REVIEW: Becoming


There are some books that make your heart happy. That you press to your chest when you are done and thank the universe for bringing to you. For a moment, you consider buying copies for all your friends because everyone who has ever felt a little lost or confused needs to read this book too. Becoming, the debut work by Laura Jane Williams, is that book.

Becoming A Memoir

becoming dedicationsBecoming is a memoir of Laura’s own journey to the sense of self and confidence that made me an avid reader of her blog. Her confidence isn’t flawless but its real and incredibly inspiring. Laura doesn’t deny that she sometimes gets lost but she doesn’t give up on herself or the belief that one day it will get better. It only made that achievement all the more incredible when she showed her vulnerability in Becoming. After splitting from her boyfriend, Laura had to carve out a new identity for herself and did a damn good job at it.

I devoured this book, the lows and the highs alike, because I wholeheartedly believe in the message behind it. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes bad things happen and we have to work out how to navigate that. It’s not always easy, but this book made me believe that it was worth it.

So, to wrap up this gushing review, I want to wish that everyone who has ever felt a little lost, a little off-path, a little broken to find some comfort in Laura’s words too. I want to thank Laura for sharing her life, flaws and all, with the world and allowing the world to be a little braver in return. I want to put a little more faith in my own becoming and I think I’m starting to work out how.

Kelly x

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