REVIEW: Bird Box


When the email arrived in my inbox offering me the chance to review Bird Box, I leapt at the chance. Not only do I love books, I seem to have recently developed a bit of an addiction with post-apocalyptic literature. Gloomy, I know.


Bird Box promises to explore the effects of fear on society and the human mind, a promise it certainly delivered. It tells the story of Malorie, a young mother who finds herself alone in a world gone mad. She spends her life blindfolded, desperately trying to avoid the outside world, where something incredibly dangerous lurks. It has already killed her friends and family but she cannot let her kill her children. So she makes the difficult decision to venture from the relative safety of her house to look for  other survivors.

The intermingling of storylines adds a a suspenseful feel that will keep you hooked. This is a book that you will want to read in one setting, even if that involves leaving a couple of important tasks for a little while (guilty as charged). It’s even more impressive when we consider that this is Josh Malerman’s debut novel. It is a gripping work and exceptionally creative.


For those of you, who I have managed to tempt Bird Box is available on Amazon now!

Kelly x


Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review but the views are all mine.

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