REVIEW: Ghosts of Christmas Past

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Ghosts of Christmas Past

It seems fitting that one of my last reviews of the year is all about Christmas. This would be perfect for snuggling up with on Christmas Eve or even for stretching out the festivities once the 25th of December has been and gone.

You see, Ghosts of Christmas Past is packed full of festive stories… with a twist. All of the short stories in this collection are haunted in some way. Some are haunted by the more traditional ghost, and others by something else entirely. All of them get the balance between Christmas cheer and creepiness just right. It made for a refreshing change from endlessly positive and cute Christmas books. Don’t get me wrong I love that kind of thing (just check out my review of Let It Snow if you don’t believe me) but it’s nice to have a little variety on your shelves, right?

There’s certainly plenty of variety in Ghosts of Christmas Past. There is plenty for everyone, even if you decided to skip a story or two. Also, there are another differences between the short stories if you decide to read the whole collection at once.

My favourites include ‘The Shadow’ and ‘Nicholas Was’. Neil Gaiman’s ‘Nicholas Was’ is a fantastic example of just how few words you need to¬† make a serious impact on a reader. In a page and a half, Gaiman ensures his readers will have plenty to think about. ‘The Shadow’ is more creepy but no less impactful. If you are looking for an unsettling read and an old fashioned ‘spooky’ story, I would highly recommend checking it out. If I was you, I would make sure you didn’t read it in the dark, especially if you are as much of a coward as I am!

I also absolutely loved ‘The Lady and the Fox’, which was a truly unusual and creative story about a strange figure who only emerges at Christmas if the conditions are just right. In fact, I’m really tempted to re-read this one when I’ve finished work for Christmas because I loved it so much.

Kelly x

P.S I was sent a copy of Ghosts of Christmas Past for review but all opinions are my own

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