REVIEW: Ice Cream for Breakfast

review ice cream for breakfast

I devoured this book. Devoured it. I started it late after work on Thursday and spent my Friday racing through it.

It’s probably of little surprise that I loved this so much, since I’ve been so vocal about my love of Becoming on here too. Laura Jane Williams just has the ability to give me the words I need at the right time at that moment. She’s the wisdom your friend gives you when you finally confide over a glass of wine or too. Reading her work makes me feel braver, with every sentence.

Ice Cream for Breakfast

ice-cream for breakfast

I’ve been in a bit of a slump recently. I pushed myself too hard and, with graduation looming, I found myself feeling a little less myself. I’ve been slowly returning to normal (and even wrote a little bit about it over on The Owlet) but I was still struggling to find myself getting excited, my pizzazz, if you will. Ice Cream for Breakfast reminding me of some very important lessons that I hadn’t been paying attention to. I need to stop taking everything so seriously and remember to enjoy things too. I need to remember that it’s ok to do things just because and that I have a curious mind that needs looking after. And that’s ok.

With great chapters like ‘dancing in the aisles’, ‘being the hero’ and ‘the importance of adventure’ , this book had some great lessons in it. Nannying taught Laura a lot and she has been kind enough to share some of that with this in her latest literary creation.

If you’re feeling a little meh or a little uninspired, I would whole heartedly recommend Ice Cream for Breakfast. There are no groundbreaking secrets in there, just the things we’ve pushed a side as we’ve chased after this thing called adulthood.

Kelly x

review ice cream for breakfast

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