REVIEW: I’ll Give You The Sun

review Ill give you the sun

review Ill give you the sunI have a confession to make.

When this book made its way through my letterbox, I judged it reaaal quick. I thought it would be another run-of-the-mill tale of teenage love and heartbreak. Not that I in anyway mind that but I just didn’t have particularly high expectations for it.

I hadn’t accounted for just how electric Noah and Jude are. The twins were addictive and I needed to hear more about their stories, I just needed to. Their story is told in two parts, with 13 year old Noah telling us some of the tale and 16 year old Jude keeping us up to date with the present. The two perspectives are told in tandem as the reader tries to work out why the their relationship has become so strained.

review ill give you the sunThe twins are both creative souls which makes their voices exceptionally exciting, especially when reading a young Noah who has been known to wish he was a horse. Yup. A horse. And I love him for it.

review ill give you the sun

As a result, the book itself is very visually enticing. Excerpts are drawn out, as if it was an art journal that we were allowed to glimpse at. For me, this really gave I’ll Give You The Sun a little something extra that took it from a good book to a really good one.

This is the first book from the #SassyBooks book club that I heard about on Colours and Carousels¬†and it was a definitely a good novel to kick things off with. It’s also not something that I was likely to have just picked up in a store so I’m glad I got the chance to try it. It serves me right for judging a book by its cover, regardless of what my mother used to tell me.

Have you read I’ll Give You The Sun? What did you think of it?

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  1. I loved the relationship between Noah and Brian and could easily have read an entire novel about just them, but overall I had too many issues with the writing style and the hint of magical realism to really enjoy this book.

    1. Oh you see I do love a bit of magical realism! Though I am 110% on board for a Noah and Brian novel! x

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