REVIEW: Last Prince of Alkebulahn 

Joshua NGon Last Prince of  Alkebulahn by Anthony Hewitt


Last Prince of Alkebulahn is a YA fantasy all about Joshua N’Gon, a teenager living in London. Joshua was fostered at a young age and, at the age of ten, he realises that his birth family might have secrets of their own. He inherits a mysterious, technologically advanced heirloom, which he refers to as his RCT and realises that he has abilities that many do not. When strange forces begin to threaten his home, Joshua must find a way to harness these abilities and protect those he cares about.

My favourite part about this novel was the galactic technology. It was truly exciting and creative, adding a real edge to the story as a whole. It made the novel a lot of fun, both for the teenage characters who got to wield it and the reader.

I also loved the relationships that are portrayed in the Last Prince of Alkebulahn. The friendships that Joshua has are really convincing and positive. In particular, I loved how supportive his relationships with his family were (or at least with most of them!) and thought they really added something good to the novel. In fact, they comprised many of my favourite parts of Last Prince of Alkebulahn.

The novel moves between different points in Joshua’s story and offers more than one perspective. Parts of this could be quite confusing but often gave considerable insight into the protagonist’s life.

This novel is a lot of fun. I enjoyed it for that but I do think it is a novel best suited to the younger end of the YA audience. It was perhaps a little too young for me but that is not a criticism. I’m sure a younger reader would love the galactic tech and adventurous scenarios that Joshua and his friends find themselves in throughout Last Prince of Alkebulahn.

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