REVIEW: Pothos


You guys know that I love poetry. Love it.

So when I was in Topping & Co and saw a poetry collection from someone I used to go to university with, I knew I had to pick it up. Rosa was a few years above me and in the same creative writing group and I admired their writing then. I love it now.

Actually it feels strange to say that I love this collection. Based on her experiences of grief and loss, this is an emotional text. It’s raw and messy and beautiful all at once. It’s difficult to love something so complicated but I do. Like the contradictions in the collection itself, it produced a tangled web of emotions in me as a reader.

Grief is often treated as a Big Thing but Campbell navigates through all the little things that loss can permeate. From her relationship with her reflection to the notes in her phone, Campbell honestly pulls back the curtain on emotional turmoil in a beautiful and brutal way.

I found it particularly interesting to read about how the writer’s sense of identity changed and how their relationship with their houseplants seem to reflect this. It was a beautiful metaphor, let me tell you.

It’s difficult to explain a book that navigates through forms so elegantly but I can praise it. Like her emotions themselves, Pothos doesn’t follow any nice, near formula and I think that might be why I love it so much. It’s organic. It’s raw. It’s messy. But it’s powerful too. And there’s just as much beauty in that as there is in the many houseplants that have survived and thrived in the midst of grief.

Kelly x

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