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I am so excited about this blog tour because I LOVED Shattermoon. It is a fast paced and exciting read that had me audibly gasping at parts and wincing in others.

Shattermoon stars Orry Kent, the daughter of a conman who finds herself caught up in the biggest job of her life when she takes it upon herself to steal a pendant that catches her eye. It turns out that said pendant is a hot commodity and Orry suddenly finds herself on the run, accused of a murder that she didn’t commit and in a desperate race across the galaxy to prevent a tragedy. Along the way, she pairs up with Mender, a loner who likes things the way they are, and his ship Dainty Jane.

What follows is a tense adventure story that had me hooked. Dominic Dulley does not shy away from putting Orry and her makeshift crew through their paces as they go from small-time crime to an epic adventure. Every time I thought he had peaked, he proved me wrong and took the novel to dazzling new heights. He wove together several strands throughout the novel, finally bringing them together for a fantastic finale which had me racing through the final few pages. I was desperately rooting for Orry and getting very concerned for her as her odds for success – and survival – grew slimmer with each chapter.

It is hard to believe that Shattermoon is Dominic Dulley’s first novel as it completely swept me up. I guess all that is left to do is for me to eagerly await his next work. I’m sure that it will be every bit as brilliant as Shattermoon.

Kelly x

P.S I was sent a copy of this book for free but this in mo way alters my opinion of it. If you want to check out other people’s opinions on this fab book, the blog tour schedule is below.

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