Review: The Book of Brave

review the book of brave

Oh my.  The Book of Brave has my heart pounding guys. The wondrous project from Laura of Superlatively Rude is a pep-talk in your pocket. I’ve not been shy about my admiration for Laura and her work. Her writing is something else. She writes honestly and beautifully about the wonders of everyday life.

Sure, she has her adventures in India and Rome and even in Russia but its the little things that matter to her. The importance of a good Instagram selfie when you’re feeling good, the delight that is taking yourself to dinner and the love a good friendship yields. More than that, she gets the importance of listening to yourself. To what you need. To leaning into what feels good, to use her words.

This is the kind of lesson we all need to know. Because The Book of Brave isn’t full of advice. There aren’t chapters on capsule wardrobes or poisonous friendships. There’s lessons in finding your own advice, in finding what works for you. Best of all? Laura’s writing feels like the kind of support your best friend would give you over a glass of Merlot in your local. It feels intimate, it feels real and most importantly, it feels kind. It’s not preaching or generic lessons. It’s a fierce hug after a bad day. It’s everything you’ve wanted to say but couldn’t put into words.

In fact, the only reason it’s taken me this long to write this review is because I’ve been re-reading it already. Pre-term nerves have been getting to me a little (I can’t be the only one who forgets how to study over summer. Or at least thinks that I do) so I’ve been turning to The Book of Brave to help me find my own bravery all over again.

Because that’s what this book is all about.

That’s the kind of book I want in my life. What about you?

Kelly x

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