REVIEW: The Eden Paradox



Recently, I’ve been loving sci-fi. It’s only been the last couple of years that this enthusiasm has appeared but now I’m more than happy to cultivate it. As such, when the chance came along to review The Eden Paradox by Barry Kirwan, I was quick to agree.

The Eden Paradox is set in a world where Earth is failing. There is political turmoil, environmental issues and dangerous new factions forming. Society is putting their faith in a newly discovered planet, which offers them a chance of salvation. A fresh start. Blake Alexander has been tasked with taking a crew to the planet to discoverĀ its secrets. The problem is that there seems to be plenty of obstacles in his way.

However, this novel has several different strands to it. It can get a little confusing but also shows the scope of Kirwan’s talent. The Eden Paradox is packed full of conundrums and complications that his characters have to face. It delves into the reality of a world on the edge and swiftly running out of hope. It is fascinating.

There is also a wide cast of characters. Some of them are wonderful, some of them are terrible (in behaviour, not writing). They are all detailed and vivid. In particular, I really struggled to read Mathias’ scenes as I hated who he was but I cannot deny Kirwan’s ability to craft great characters.

Just maybe try not to dwell on the things that he gets up to….

As you can probably tell, The Eden Paradox is a very, very full novel. There is a lot to follow and it tests you as a reader. You need to be engaged with it to keep up. If you’re willing to put in the work however, it is a fascinating sci fi work that keeps you wondering how much more the Earth, and the people who live in it, can take before they break.

Kelly x

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