REVIEW: The Language of Thorns

It usually takes me a little while to get started on new books. I buy them eagerly and then they wait ever so patiently on my TBR for me to get to them. Sometimes it can be months be for I get to them.

And then other times, I just can’t wait.

When I unboxed my October FairyLoot box and saw the promised copy of The Language of Thorns, I found myself living one of those moments. I’ve only read one book by Leigh Bardugo so far (Six of Crows) and I loved it so much that I’ve been desperate to read some more of her writing. I was a little worried I would be spoiling something for myself but that isn’t the case.

The Language of Thorns is a collection of fairytales with links to the Grisha universe. However, they are free standing stories in their own right as far as I can tell. Think of it like The Beedle and The Bard for the Harry Potter universe. You should be fine to read it without having read everything that Leigh Bardugo has written. Included is six wonderful tales full of folklore and fairytale influences. Think princes, talking animals and impossible challenges. They’re creative and innovative. Where they have borrowed ideas from well known fairy tales, there is a fresh new spin that had me hooked from the very first story. I loved each and every one of the stories included in The Language of Thorns.

As well as being a new favourite, this book also has me super excited to read more work by Leigh Bardugo. I think Crooked Kingdom and Wonder Woman might be some of the first books that I buy for myself when my book buying ban is over. Have you read anything else by Leigh Bardugo? What would you recommend that I read next?

Kelly x

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