REVIEW: The Secret of Haven Point


You guys know that I love a fun fantasy book and The Secret of Haven Point definitely meets that category AND it’s from a Darlington author. Settle in for some fangirling: I LOVE this book.

The Secret of Haven Point tells the story of Alpha Lux and her friends, who are a wonderfully chaotic group of kids like you’d see anywhere. The difference? They’re looked after by an old lighthouse keeper with kittens in his beard and helped out by mermaids. They’ve found a family at Haven Point where disabled people can feel safe and welcome. until a stranger threatens their security.

The adventure that follows is intriguing and enchanting in equal parts. It is truly exciting and I think will captivating young and old readers alike.

Alpha is a fantastic main character who truly hooks you in to her adventure in the best possible way. As a reader, you are rooting for her every step of the way and keen for her to learn the lessons she needs to if she is to keep her family safe. I LOVED watching her grow as a character as this book progressed and would love to read more about her in the future.

I also loved the sheer magic of this book. It was utterly enchanting and I loved how the fantasy characters and locations interact. My absolute favourite parts of the book were those when Alpha got to hang out with the mermaids. There was so much magic in these pages that I was desperate to savour them as much as possible. This was only increased when I recognised some of the seaside locations from the North ; I love the idea that there might be mermaids round the corner from me!

Finally, I have to mention how brilliant this is for representation. Alpha and many of the other characters are disabled. The author’s note at the start of the book discusses this decision in more detail. I don’t want to just parrot their words in a less effective way but I think this could be a very important book for a lot of children and adults alike and I think that is magic too.

I highly, highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a fun, magical fantasy that will enchant you on every page.

Kelly x

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