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Recently, I was tagged by the lovely Charlotte from Wonderfully Bookish to take part in the Mr Men Character Tag. She created it herself and it’s wonderful. I wish I was creative enough to come up with something like this ; I’ll do my best in coming up with some creative answers at least! If you want to find her answers, you can find her post here.

Without further ado, shall we get stuck in?


A character who makes me happy? Now that’s a struggle already! One of my favourite feel good books is Ella Enchanted and it is one of the earliest that I can remember buying for myself. I’m going to go ahead and pick Ella3

Harry Potter is obviously the go to here but I think I’m going to go for Sonea. She’s the protagonist of Trudi Canavan’s Black Magician trilogy and she is very, very magical. I used to read so much of Canavan’s writing when I was younger and she is a brilliant fantasy writer. I think I might have to add some of her newer work to my TBR when I get a little more time…4

Mister Tom from Goodnight Mister Tom  has long been a favourite character of mine. He’s just a caring man and an all round good egg. It’s a sad book, but well worth a read if you haven’t already.

This definitely has to be Celaena from Throne of GlassAlthough I absolutely love her, she’s got a complicated understanding of ‘good’ and gets herself into some situations as a result. It’s great reading a character who is messy and confusing and doesn’t always do what she is supposed to.6

Like Charlotte, I’m going to have to go for Mark Watney from The Martian. This is one of the only books that has made me laugh out loud, which certainly attracted some weird looks.7I’m going to go for Matilda from Matilda She’s a genius and was such an inspiration when I was younger. In fact, she still is now!


That was so much fun! Some of the questions certainly got me thinking, but isn’t that half the fun of a tag? If you fancy giving it a go, feel free to tag yourself. I’m also nominating Steph and Becky, because I think they’ll enjoy this!

Kelly x

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