Why I’m Excited for the Northern YA Literary Festival

Northern YA Literary Festival

Northern YA Literary Festival

Tomorrow is the day. I’ll be waking up painfully early, putting a bag with too many books in on my back and spending a few hours on the train. Hopefully it will all be worth it. It should be, since I’m doing all of this for a very important reason: the Northern YA Literary Festival.

I’ve hardly been quiet with my enthusiasm for this event but since the excitement (and nerves) are now at new heights I thought I would talk about it again. Today, I’m sharing the things that I am most hyped for. I’ll report back to you after the weekend to share how it went. I’ll also be tweeting and sharing photos on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you are following me on my social media accounts for some live action reactions to the Northern YA Literary Festival. I’m ‘thisnortherngal’ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you’re interested but not already following me.

  1. First up, I am so excited to actually meet the awesome authors at the event. I’ve been reading a lot of their books over the last few weeks in preparation so it will be cool to meet the people who have written the books that I have been enjoying. I actually haven’t met that many authors so this is also something that I am equally as nervous about. What if I just flail around and can’t form a coherent sentence? Hopefully, I’ll be able to be a little bit normal and say hi to some authors!
  2. I’m also really interested to see how the panels go. They have some really good topics lined up with some great guests on each of them. I think that books are a fantastic way of opening up discussions about everything from the mundane to the ‘big’ issues so hearing other people’s thoughts on them is something that I am excited for.
  3.  Shopping! Even if my bag is super full before I even get there, I will probably end up buying plenty more and have budgeted for this month accordingly. If nothing else, I am desperate to stock up on some more Taken Moons goodies. The three candles that I have from this company are all absolutely fantastic and something that I use almost daily. This is probably my favourite bookish candle company and with new releases promised, I’m excited to see what I can find at the stall.
  4. Finally, I’m very, very excited to hang out with my fellow Northern Book Bloggers. I don’t see them anywhere near as much as I would like. I’m actually travelling at least part of the way with some of them as well so there are going to be plenty of opportunities for chatting, probably of the bookish variety.

I’ll see you next week when I’ll be looking back at the Northern YA Literary  Festival – how exciting!

Kelly x

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